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Mountain Path

Mountain Path is a consulting agency dedicated to passing on mountain values and best practices to businesses.

From conferences to several days' immersion in the mountains, we work on the themes of leadership, cohesion, decision-making under uncertainty and crisis management, inspired by the work techniques of mountain guides and first-aiders.

Mountain Path is a consulting and training firm that uses the metaphor of the mountain to support companies and organizations in their transformations. Based in Chamonix, it works with some 50 companies and management schools every year on the themes of leadership, cooperation and crisis management.

At Mountain Path, we use the mountains as a field of experimentation and a source of inspiration to bring out the essential qualities of individual and collective leadership.

To work on managerial posture and team cohesion, we offer you the chance to experience the roped party and observe the essential qualities of a mountain guide leading his group to the summit.

To strengthen teamwork and better adapt to uncertainty, we take you into the heart of a rescue operation to test decision-making and collaboration in a degraded context with maximum stakes.

To shape a sustainable future, we invite you to observe the meteoric transformations of the mountains in the wake of climate change, and how their stakeholders and ecosystems are adapting.

We emphasize experiential learning, which stimulates participants' cognitive, emotional and physical capacities, and facilitates the understanding and appropriation of new concepts.

We mobilize a wide range of expertise from a variety of backgrounds: guides, rescuers, doctors, scientists, coaches, athletes, consultants, and encourage interaction to activate collective intelligence and group dynamics.

Mountain Path
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