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Origyne.s Yoga

Yoga and meditation retreats for beginner or experienced yogis.
This experience, accessible to all levels, will help you disconnect from your everyday to reconnect to yourself, providing you with a relaxing break.

We are Flore and Jenn, two passionate people who created Origyne.s in 2019, as our alternative and caring event agency.
Yoga has been an integral part of our lives for many years, so it was natural for us to create Origynes.s Yoga with the aim of organising yoga retreats to share with you, in the Alps, in Brittany and soon in more distant destinations. A yoga retreat is a special time to take care of your body and mind. Our retreats take place in settings that are conducive to relaxation. You will deepen your postural practice and explore breathing and meditation in moments of pure relaxation.
All of the yoga teachers we work with are qualified and have many years of experience. They will transmit their passion for yoga through different postural practices, but also through breathing and meditation techniques accompanied by mantra chanting.

Origyne.s Yoga
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