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Teams Connect : agency specialised in team building for companies, in person or remotely, developing team cohesion, the feeling of belonging and motivation with a fun, digital and dynamic tone !

Teams Connect : Digital for people - team building in companies, remote or face-to-face!

High-impact team building experiences using digital innovation for team interaction!
From 15 to 1000 people, turnkey and customizable, indoor, outdoor or remote, accessible to all, our activities will successfully meet your team building needs!
Within the framework of your seminars, conventions and company meetings, our turnkey activities allow you to reinforce team cohesion, the feeling of belonging and the motivation of each person with a playful and dynamic tone. Our team buildings meet the fundamental challenges of management and constitute a strategic lever, developing both the commitment of employees and the performance of the company. Team building contributes to the improvement of the quality of life and well-being at work, increasing the attractiveness of the company.

Our activities at a glance :
Presential: Urban treasure hunt outdoors, (eco)-Escape game or Mount Everest ascent indoors
Hybrid: Hybrid activities that can be carried out both face-to-face and remotely (Hybrid Escape Game, MasterClass Oenology, Magic/Mentalism)
Remote: Virtual Team Booster, a remote team rally, solving challenges & enigmas. Culinary Master Classes (cooking, chocolate making, mixology, oenology), remote shows...

Teams Connect
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We are committed to an eco-responsible approach at all levels of the organisation of our events.
- Teams Connect uses refurbished iPads & phones.
- Teams Connect's servers are hosted by an ethical cloud host with a limited carbon footprint.
- Offices are housed in an ecologically renovated building, heated by solar panels

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