Watse Trekking

Founded in 2014, Watse is a travel agency based in the Pays du Mont Blanc specializing in mountain activities in the Alps and around the world: hiking, trekking, mountaineering, trail running, snowshoeing and ski touring.

Watse is above all a story of great encounters. A meeting between walkers, united by the same need to breathe. A meeting between friends and families who get together for a trip. A meeting with oneself. It is this philosophy that pushes us to step out of common places, not to be like the others. In this way, we can offer you a trip closer to the local reality and give you a truly extraordinary experience.In the trip, what matters to us is not the arrival, nor the top, but the path. Walking allows you to appreciate the landscape. It allows you to take the time to discover a place or a culture as a whole and to feel its authenticity. By changing our perception of time and space, walking helps us appreciate, and often relativize, our position in relation to the world.
You have always focused on the Clock, with us you will now have time !